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4 Money-saving hacks for January to look better than ever!

You know the feeling – the festive season is over, your savings are spent, and refreshing your look seems completely out of reach. But January is the time for new beginnings and owning who you are, so Avroy Shlain is here to let you in on the beauty hacks and shopping specials you need to transform yourself!

1. A Closet Full of Fragrance

A new start for a new year requires the right attitude, and what better way of finding yours than by choosing the fragrance that makes you feel great in your own skin? It would be even better if you could keep your special scent going for longer, saving you those precious pennies – so here’s what you do!

Spritz a bit of mist in your closet, lightly covering your clothes – fibres retain scents better than your skin does, so you can apply less in the morning. And when there are only a few drops of your fragrance left, combine these with an unscented moisturiser, keeping your scent alive for many more days to come. Test this wisdom when you buy your new favourite fragrance at fantastic prices this January! Read on below to find out how you can get 50% off!


At Avroy Shlain, both men and women have all the options they need to discover their signature scent.  Perfect is a celebration of the elegance and confidence that defines femininity, and the gents can express their sophistication with Mancelle Original – Eau de Toilette. At over 50% off, you’ll get any of these offers for only R199!

2. Longer-lasting Colour For Style That Sticks

Makeup trends are always on the move, but one thing never changes: it’s all about mixing and matching the right colours. So, which colour from our ColorFun lipstick range matches which style?

First things first though. Before you apply your ideal shade, prep your lips to save some money! Gently exfoliate them with a toothbrush to remove dry skin – not only will it leave them soft, they’ll also absorb lipstick more fully, making the shade last longer. Now consider these ColorFun hues for your latest style trend!

For the “Glamour Girl” look, try Fire Engine Red. If you prefer the “Dramatic” look, Burgundy Babe is perfect for you. Go for the “Fresh & Fun” look with Naughty Nude, and take on the “Flirty” look with Legenberry! Go ahead, make yourself picture perfect with the colour that fits your style at only R49 each!

3. Make Your Body Summer-Ready

Dry hands and feet are not just a winter thing – in summer you become dehydrated much faster and your skin is the first to suffer! Here’s a great body care hack that will keep your paws looking pampered! After you’ve applied moisturiser on your hands and feet, wrap them in socks for 30 minutes. This heats up the moisturiser, allowing it to soak more deeply into the skin. Say hello to soft, smooth hands and feet, and also save money on moisturiser when you don’t apply it as often!

Another secret to beautifully cared for skin is the right moisturiser, and we have just the thing! Get Body Essence Hydrating Body Cream with cotton seed and tissue oil for only R99! Get 2 tubs for just R155 and save over 55%! Now that’s body care at a bargain.

4. Wash Away The Years

If there’s one rule all beauticians can agree on, it’s the universal truth that cleaning your skin regularly will save you money on concealers, blushes, acne treatments, and anything else you use to disguise blemishes and make your skin glow.

Many people turn to cleansing wipes, but with this approach you’ll quickly run up additional costs. Luckily, there’s a better way. Rather opt for a soft face cloth, preferably made from muslin – thin, cotton material that’s gentle on your skin. This can be used over and over again, reducing waste and increasing your savings!

The cleansing product you use also makes a big difference. Even Tone Solutions cleansing face wash removes impurities, leaving your skin even-toned. And this month, you’ll get the clearing toner absolutely free!

Bonus Cheat Hack: Defy The Years With CRT

As a bonus hack, put the brakes on ageing now! Try Avroy Shlain’s CRT Youth Gel for only R439 and get another tube for free!

There you have it – useful tips coupled with fantastic deals, all designed to get you looking great throughout January. Clearly your best money-saving hack for the month is shopping with Avroy Shlain!

Start the new year with money in your pocket and a spring in your step – go to our January brochure and find the new you!



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