If you’re thinking that you couldn’t be bothered to apply makeup during lockdown, we say that now, is in fact, the perfect time for you to try out our new makeup ideas while you’re at home. Think about it. You’ve got a lot of time on your hands to learn great new makeup tips and routines, and perfect them, or maybe get adventurous and put your own twist to it and get that extra edge. Plus, once the lockdown is over, you’ll have mastered a new skill or look that you can apply in no time on your way to work or a night out with the girls. Here are a few simple tips to put your best face forward and Own the Glam.

Don’t just use a great quality foundation, know how to apply it correctly too

Having a top foundation like the long-wearing Coppélia Flawless Finish Foundation in SPF15 is one thing, you still need to know that there’s a right and a wrong way to apply it.

Here’s 4 easy-to-follow steps to apply foundation the right way:

  • Step #1: Apply moisturiser or primer to create your canvas.
  • Step #2: Put a dollop (that’s a big drop) of your foundation onto your sponge or brush, then dot your nose, cheeks, chin and forehead with your foundation.
  • Step #3: With clean fingers, a damp sponge or a brush, spread these dots of foundation downward and outward, making sure to cover every part of your face.
  • Step #4: Achieve the perfect finish using the Coppélia Colour Blender Brush to blend your foundation.

Ellenor Ndlovu Makeup Expert bronzing pearls

Contour your face to get a radiant pro-makeup look in 3 steps


Available in two shades, Coppélia Colour Bronzing Pearls are perfect for contouring your face, as well as highlighting and bronzing.

3 Steps to applying bronzing pearls and getting the perfect look every time

  • Step #1: Use a big, loose-bristled brush. The Coppélia Colour Blender Brush works great for this.
  • Step #2: Apply the bronzer from the apple of your cheek, blending it up towards your temples.
  • Step #3: Use Shimmer Gold Coppélia Bronzing Pearls for lighter skin tones and Shimmer Bronze for darker skin tones.

Top makeup tip: You can use a bronzer in place of blush. You can also mix it with blush to brighten your face.

Ellenor Ndlovu Makeup Expert Loose Powders

Get sheer natural coverage with Coppélia Colour Loose Powders

3 Handy tips to get smooth looking skin with loose powders:


  • Tip #1: Gently shake some of the powder into the lid and work with this controlled quantity. This will make it easier to keep from making a mess with excess powder.
  • Tip #2: Avoid wasting product by distributing it into the bristles. Hold the brush upside-down and gently tap it to move the powder down into the bristles. Tap excess powder back into the lid.
  • Tip #3: Concentrate on applying loose powders to the centre of your face. Buff it all in until you have a velvety finish and there are no lines or dark/light patches.

Ellenor Ndlovu Makeup Expert - lip liner


Add definition and drama to your lips with these best-selling Lip Liners

Take your lip game to the next level with these 3 tips to using Coppélia Lip Liners:

  • Tip #1: Always use lip liner that is a slightly darker shade than the matte lipstick you’re applying.
  • Tip #2: For the appearance of fuller lips, apply lip liner to the outer lip border.
  • Tip #3: For the appearance of thinner lips, apply lip liner to the inner lip border.

Top lipstick tip: Use a creamy moisturising lipstick like Coppélia Colour Impact Lipsticks that seals in moisture and leave your lips feeling ultra-soft. Plus, the bonus is that this range of lipsticks resist bleeding and feathering.

Own the Glam with Avroy Shlain

Remember, just because we’re all stuck indoors, doesn’t mean you should stop looking your best! We’ve got loads of specials on some of our best-selling cosmetics and makeup products this month. Why not check out our latest brochure, place your order today, and get delivery after lockdown. Or, head on over to our YouTube page for top makeup and beauty tutorials to try now.

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