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4 Top Makeup tips you absolutely must try during lockdown

Bonus: “How-to” makeup tips for the best-selling Avroy Shlain products

Say hello to Ellenor Ndlovu and welcome this sparkling star of the beauty industry to the Avroy Shlain family, as our very own makeup expert. We are incredibly excited to welcome someone who has worked on such high-profile shows as the SAMA Awards, Miss South Africa, the Metro FM Awards and much, much more.

Having made a name for herself as a prominent makeup artist to some of South Africa’s most well-known faces – from the Mandela family to DJ Zinhle – Ellenor will now be putting her enormous knowledge of beauty to work guiding you, our friends, fans and family, through the tricks, trends and most fashionable applications of the cosmetics trade. She’ll be giving you the extra makeup edge so that, no matter where you are going or what you are doing, you are always ready to meet the day with your best face on.

4 Must-try makeup tips and tricks from Ellenor

To celebrate Ellenor’s arrival to the family, we thought it would be fitting if this month’s blog focused on giving you a few simple tips to help get the most out of your quality Avroy Shlain products. Carry on reading, and take your cosmetics game to the next level!

Makeup Tip #1: Applying Coppélia Colour Perfect Cover Foundation

Ellenor Ndlovu Makeup Expert perfect cover foundation

The long-wearing Coppélia Colour Perfect Cover Foundation is available in 12 beautiful shades and is second-to-none when it comes to evening out skin tone and improving your complexion. Nevertheless, no matter how great your foundation, there’s a right and a wrong way to apply it.

After applying your moisturiser or primer, follow these simple steps to ensure a flawless finish:

  1. Using a sponge or brush, dot your nose, cheeks, chin and forehead with your foundation.
  2. With clean fingers, a damp sponge or a brush, spread these dots of foundation downward and outward, making sure to cover every part of your face.
  3. Achieve the perfect finish using the Coppélia Colour Blender Brush to blend your foundation.

Makeup Tip #2: Applying Coppélia Colour Bronzing Pearls

Ellenor Ndlovu Makeup Expert bronzing pearls

Available in two shades, Coppélia Colour Bronzing Pearls are perfect for contouring your face, as well as highlighting, bronzing and creating a soft, sensual effect that gives your skin an unforgettable radiance.

Keep the following tips in mind when applying your bronzing pearls, and you’ll achieve the perfect look every time:

  • Use a big, loose-bristled brush for application. The Coppélia Colour Blender Brush works great for this.
  • Apply the bronzer from the apple of your cheek (the swell of your cheeks, below your eyes), blending it up towards your temples.
  • Use Shimmer Gold Coppélia Bronzing Pearls for lighter skin tones and Shimmer Bronze for darker skin tones.
  • Remember, you can use a bronzer can be used in place of blush. You can also mix it with blush to brighten your face.

Makeup Tip #3: Coppélia Colour Loose Powders

Ellenor Ndlovu Makeup Expert Loose Powders

The soft-focus effect you can achieve with Coppélia Colour Loose Powders is fantastic for ensuring flawless-looking skin.

To keep your face free of shine with loose powders, remember the following handy tips:

  • Rather than working directly from the container, gently shake some of the powder into the lid and work with this controlled quantity. This will make it easier to keep from making a mess with excess powder.
  • Avoid wasting product by distributing it into the bristles, rather than leaving it sitting thickly at the tips. Hold the brush upside-down and gently tap it to move the powder down into the bristles. Tap excess powder back into the lid.
  • Concentrate on applying loose powders to the centre of your face. This is especially important if you have an oily T-zone and are trying to reduce the shine. Resist the temptation to add more powder as you move out to the edges of your face toward the hairline. To finish, buff it all in until you have a velvety finish and there are no lines or dark/light patches.

Makeup Tip #4: Coppélia Colour Lip Liners

Ellenor Ndlovu Makeup Expert - lip liner

Never forget that your smile is one of your most beautiful features and should be showcased with all the care that your True Beauty deserves.

Make the most of your retractable Coppélia Colour Lip Liners with these simple tips:

  • Always use lip liner that is a slightly darker shade than the matte lipstick you’re applying.
  • For the appearance of fuller lips, apply lip liner to the outer lip border.
  • For the appearance of thinner lips, apply lip liner to the inner lip border.

Unleash your True Beauty with Avroy Shlain

We are always ready to help with quality products and quality advice, so don’t hesitate to contact Avroy Shlain to find Beauty Advisor in your area.

Follow Ellenor on Instagram or Twitter and get her latest makeup tips.



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