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Celebrate A Beautifully African Heritage Month

Not only do we welcome spring in September, but it’s also Heritage Month – the perfect time to remember and to celebrate what it means to be Beautifully African. At Avroy Shlain, our heritage is one of beauty and empowerment, and being Beautifully African is about sharing our light with our customers, our Beauty Advisors and South Africa as a whole.

Whether offering financial opportunities through our recruitment efforts, or encouraging a positive self-image among our customers, Avroy Shlain’s heritage has always been one of helping the women of South Africa to recognise themselves as the Beautifully African queens they truly are.

It’s in that spirit that Avroy Shlain’s September brochure has been released. We want to encourage you to celebrate the definitively African months to come – in all their sunny glory.

Captivate with floral scents of the season

Nothing says ‘spring’ like the fresh smells of newly bloomed flowers in the air. The warmth of the climate is a part of the heritage of our nation, and the flowers that flourish in it fill the air with the captivating scent of new life.

JS Summer – for a fresh spring boost


A fresh and sparkling summer scent, JS Summer is the perfect Eau de Toilette for welcoming the changing seasons. Sensual and spirited, it expresses a whimsical character – imaginative and fun, the JS Summer girl dances in the first rains of the season and delights in the feeling of new grass tickling the soles of her bare feet.

Save R190 when you purchase this fun fragrance for only R249.

Coppélia Summer – fresh, floral & fruity


The time for steaming stews and bubbling potjie pots has passed. Light meals of salad and fresh fruit are on the menu, and the floral and fruity fragrance of Coppélia Summer is a fitting match for the flavours of the season.

Get over 40% off when you purchase this sophisticated scent from Avroy Shlain’s September brochure.

Embrace the colours of summer & spring

Is there anything more Beautifully African than bright colours and bold expression?

The cheeky shades of the Colorfun lipsticks on special in our September brochure are perfect for expressing your personal Beautifully African summer look in bold and attention-grabbing style.


With a wide range of colours, there’s no simpler way to make the statement that winter’s gone and the colours of spring are here to stay, than an easy-application flourish of ColorFun lipsticks. Bloom like a flower in spring and let your True Beauty Shine with Avroy Shlain’s colourful, quality range of summery cosmetics.

Avroy Shlain’s heritage of empowerment

Avroy Shlain’s heritage is one of both empowering women with the confidence of belief in their beauty, and also of empowering women to take control of their lives through financial independence, we are proud of the thousands upon thousands of women who have joined the Avroy Shlain family, and spread the message of True Beauty throughout Southern Africa. That is our greatest heritage as a company, and it’s one that we want to share with you. If you are looking for financial opportunities and independence, join Avroy Shlain and share in our 46-year heritage of empowerment.



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