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Find your inner paradise with the latest Endangered For Her fragrance On special this month!

It’s that time of year when you’re likely picturing one thing – your own personal paradise where you have the freedom to be yourself! Avroy Shlain encourages each Beautifully African woman to freely express who she is, wherever she is, so we’re launching a new fragrance to capture this feeling of freedom! Endangered for Her – Paradise, with its subtle interplay of exotic and enchanting scents, will carry you away to your very own Eden where your True Beauty can shine. Keep reading to find out about this month’s one-of-a-kind deals and get this fragrance at a great price!

Running on fumes?

As the year comes to a close, we’re all busy planning our holiday getaways and daydreaming about the ideal destination that lets us unwind. For some, it’s the sight of the ocean stretching out to meet the horizon and, for others, it’s breathing in the fresh mountain air on a hiking trail. It may even by something as simple as reading a book by the pool!

But it’s this final stretch of the year that has most of us on edge and tapping into our last bit of energy to reach the summer break in one piece. It’s natural to feel like we should just go with the flow and avoid swimming upstream. After all, this is just for now – we’re sure to find our old selves the moment we’ve had a chance to breath.

Eden awaits

We’ve got a little secret to share with you, our Beautifully African goddesses! The freedom to be who you are is as much a state of mind as it is about finding your picture-perfect paradise. Creating your own space of calm and inner joy is the magic dust that will allow you to express yourself even when the year-end exhaustion starts creeping in.

And this is what it means to find your inner paradise. When you come back to yourself, you’ll share this inner beauty with those around you, lighting up the world.

So, how do you return to this authentic self if you happen to have wandered down a wayward path?

As the Beautifully African woman, you can always discover different ways to express your character, awakening your personality anew, and Avroy Shlain has exactly what you need!

Soothe your soul with these specials!

Endangered For Her – Paradise is an irresistible fragrance that will have you envisioning where you feel most like yourself, invoking the peace you need to remember who you are. With fruity top notes of mandarine and pear, floral heart notes of jasmine and rose, and rich base notes of musk and vanilla, you’ll be wrapped in the sweet scents of freedom, passion, and tranquillity.

At Avroy Shlain we want you to live who you are because this is the Beautifully African way of being. In October, we’re making this effortless for you as we launch our enticing new fragrance and fantastic deals!

Buy Endangered For Her – Paradise Eau de Toilette and we’ll throw in a stylish handbag, all for the merry price of R529. You’ll save as much as R369!


And if you simply can’t get enough of this delicious scent in all its forms, we’re also offering a fragrance set, including a roll-on anti-perspirant, perfumed body spray, and Eau de Toilette. All three for only R349!



As the Beautifully African woman, your character is your strength. It grounds your beauty and should be shared with others, no matter where you may be. With Avroy Shlain, you can be all that you are right here and now – just reach for your inner paradise and sparkle!

Don’t wait a moment longer – get these spectacular specials when you download our brochure and start your holiday today!



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