Avroy Shlain – a leading beauty and cosmetics company in Southern Africa, is empowering women and men across the continent in this ‘new normal’. Where mass job losses, trade restrictions and social distancing are prevalent, the cosmetics company is offering an opportunity for people to step up their lives, now and in the future.

Many people know Avroy Shlain as a company that operates on a model of direct selling. However, most people do not know that they have empowered over 1 000 000 women through the opportunities afforded by the company – to build a business, receive training and support, the opportunity to earn an extra income and additional rewards and incentives like a car, and amazing travel incentives.

Recently, the beauty and cosmetics giant put together a free 4-part webinar that connects expert business strategists with the general public, who are seeking to carve out a financially stable future for themselves. Attendees not only hear about the lucrative benefits of joining Avroy Shlain, but also receive FREE business coaching and advice to help build their business, and manage the finances to ensure financial security with effectual planning and money management practices.

With a wide array of successful business experts and strategists, the webinar tackles topics that are now more important than ever, such as:

  • The importance of having multiple income streams, and how to grow them in order to maximise your earnings
  • The ‘new normal’ after Covid-19 and what to do now that it has affected one’s finances
  • Financial management whether saving for the future, education, planning a big holiday or just getting financial security
  • The Avroy Shlain career path, the earnings potential and how this compares to the outside world
  • The benefits of joining an already established business and leveraging their success
  • With no requirements, qualifications, or joining fees needed to sign up, there are little to no barriers to entry
  • And more.

Avroy Shlain believe that this free webinar series will positively impact the lives of anyone in attendance. From job-seekers, managerial-level employees, graduates, Beauty School graduates, those affected by Covid-19, to anyone who just wants to build long-term wealth.

Jobs are difficult to come by nowadays, however, based on attendance of the previous webinar, this initiative is promising to be a life-changing opportunity for anyone who attends to step up their life, in this new normal!

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