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Must haves to let your beauty shine this spring

Hello sunshine, spring has sprung!

With bursts of colour and floral scents, spring is officially here. We have the perfect spring must-haves to let your beauty shine all season long.

Showcase your vibrant beauty, whether you’re working, playing or simply pampering yourself, here are some trending products that will put a magnificent spring in your step.


Colour your spring Smile with our ColourFun season collection.

With four new shades: royal treatment, blush nude, sweet nectar and colour me purple, your Smile will give you that colourful spring confidence you need to Smile and let your True Beauty Shine.

Enhance your smile this spring with trending Contouring, Ombre Lips, Statement Eyes and a matte finish!

Walk Tall

Give your body the royal pamper it deserves and step out in confidence while you Walk Tall in those spring fashion trends.

Each product has been developed to restore your body’s glow and health… making you not only feel, but look fresh and happy this spring.

Make that spring splash with fun cherry, mango and pomegranate fruity bubble baths, new to our Love It range.

Get Close

What will be your signature scent this spring? Are you a tropical fruit, feminine floral or an elegant type that prefers a fresh, spring boost?

Be that dynamic, fiery, sophisticated woman! Announce your presence and express your mood. Intoxicate everyone around you and leave a reminder of your presence lingering in your absence.

This spring season, we have limited-edition fragrances, for that special occasion when you want to Get Close to your loved ones.

Be Yourself

Spring is the perfect time to have your skin game on point and allow your true beauty to shine.

Don’t know your skin type and the correct products that match your skin? – visit our Skin Analysis App to find the perfect product for you. In just seconds, you can get the skin care solution that will allow you to truly be yourself.

With our CRT Spring special, you can cleanse and exfoliate your skin to look and feel younger in just 28 days. It’s easy.

Be at your best this season; we have you covered. Stay tuned to our social media pages for our spring #TrendAlert and season must have products. Go out there; Smile, Walk Tall, Get Close and Be Yourself this spring because true beauty shines when you believe.

To find out more about the season must haves and trending products on offer this month, download the latest catalogue; locate a beauty advisor/reseller near you or fill in the online form on our website.

Enjoy Spring


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