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What Is True Beauty?

We believe that beauty is how you feel. A woman who loves herself will love others. A woman that respects herself, will respect the world she lives in. And a woman that shines from within will light up everything around her. Beauty is having a passion for life. It’s being true to yourself, and what you believe in, and using that to make a difference and realise your dreams.

That’s why we create beauty products and fragrances that enhance your true beauty. Products designed to express you, and that allow you to find your beauty and live it, your way.

To Be African
Is To Be Beautiful

We are a proudly African brand, and we celebrate the natural and diverse beauty of this continent, its cultures, and its people. No matter your background or beliefs, your personal style or the way you express your flair, you are African, you are beautiful.

We do not sell beauty, we celebrate it in bold bursts of colour, pampering creams infused with essential oils, hair care products that moisturise and heal, and everything in between. At Avroy Shlain, our beauty cares and we also offer you career opportunities that empower, uplift and support you. As a purpose-driven brand that believes in the power of true beauty, our aim is to embrace your confidence and help you believe in your own Beautifully African radiance.

We invite you to celebrate that beauty with us at Avroy Shlain.

Together, We Are Beautifully African

No more justification is necessary for belief in and ownership of your beauty. You are African and you are beautiful. It’s your look, your style, your moment; Own them with Avroy Shlain because Together, We Are Beautifully African.


Our approach to beauty is holistic. From nourishing your beauty to highlighting it, each brand in our offering focuses on a different aspect of beauty.


As the heartbeat of the brand, Avroy Shlain Beauty Advisors make it their business to bring beauty to every corner of South Africa. They earn financial freedom and great rewards, changing their own lives in unbelievable ways. With no qualifications or joining fee required, and full training and support provided, the path to making beauty your business and becoming an Avroy Shlain Beauty Advisor is open to YOU.

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