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Top 8 Specials for Mother’s Day 2018

A mother is more than just a parent! With the ferociousness of a lioness, she has lovingly sheltered you from many dangers. But with the meekness of a lamb, has patiently shaped you into who you are today. She has always been there for you and been the rock you can always rely on. From being your best friend, mentor, role model, cheerleader, doctor, teacher, protector and even your therapist, she has worn the garment of several professions for every milestone in your life. This is a privilege she holds close to her heart and is the greatest job in the world.

And regardless of how old, strong, experienced, rich or influential we become, a hug from our mother always makes the difference. It gives comfort, communicates her joy, gives us peace and encouragement; it’s a safe place to be.

Over the years, many across the globe have paid an assortment of heartfelt tributes to mothers. And since Mother’s Day was officiated in the early nineties, we have an entire day a year, dedicated to show appreciation for, and spoil our mom. This year is no different, so we have put together our top 8 picks of Avroy Shlain Mother’s Day Specials for mom this year, suitable for all types of moms.

  1. Capture The Moment

For the mom who loves making memories, The Moment is the newest Eau De Parfum (EDP) from Avroy Shlain’s exclusive range of fragrances. Launching this April – right on time for Mother’s Day, this amber and musk fragrance is yours to gift her for a special price of just R479. Plus, buy it now and get this stylish handbag for FREE. That’s a R479 saving. A real treat for Mother’s Day.

  1. Celebrate mom with Coppélia

Her confidence exudes beauty, she’s sophisticated and elegant and you want to celebrate her. Get her the Coppélia EDP, luxury hand and body lotion, roll-on and body spray all for just R429. That’s a R466 saving and the perfect gift to celebrate the sophisticated mom.

  1. After Midnight – for the elegant mom

She rose against the odds, took control of her destiny, and helped mould you into who you are, so she deserves the scent that celebrates her elegance. At just R299, the 75ml After Midnight EDP is perfect for mom. And to make it even more special, let her layer on the enchanting notes, with the matching limited-edition hand cream, perfumed body spray and anti-perspirant roll-on for just R139.

  1. Endangered Wild for the lioness within her

The Endangered Wild Gift Set consisting of the Eau De Toilette (EDT), luxury hand and body lotion and roll-on, is perfect to celebrate your fierce mom. This could be your Mother’s Day gift mom for only R389, that’s a R344 saving.

  1. Isara – for the graceful

When she walks she floats, she’s graceful in her deeds and is the embodiment of style. Celebrate your graceful mom with the captivating Isara EDP, an elegantly fruity, woody and amber fragrance to match mom’s personality for just R149.

  1. A spa day at home with Body Essence

Give your mom the gift of “me-time”. Let her de-stress and unwind in the comfort of her own home with the Body Essence range of pampering products. Starting off with the Luxurious Body Scrub and Soak and relaxing into the soothing sensations delivered by the Massaging Soap Bar, you’ll have made her day. Then she can nurture her skin with the Moisturising Body Cream and rehydrate her body with the Face and Body Oil, this gift to mom is all yours from as little as R39.

  1. Put her feet up 

Let her kick off her heels, boots and sneakers and pamper her feet with the luxurious Avroy Pure Feet Gift Set. Infused with peppermint oil, the rough skin remover, refreshing soak and moisturising foot lotion included in this Gift Set will give her the foot pampering of the year! Available for only R169 for all 3 products, you get to save R128.

  1. Say I love you with Avroy Pure lavender products

Pour mom an Avroy Pure lavender-infused Bubble Bath to ease the senses and rejuvenate the mind. Top it off with the Avroy Pure Body Lotion to ensure the revitalising properties of lavender keep working well into the night. Get the Bubble Bath for just R69 and complete with the Body Lotion for R79 while stocks last.

Our moms work hard to make sure we have everything we need in life. While she will probably be elated just to receive a call and hear your voice on Mother’s Day, we say, show her your appreciation. Thank her for the countless things she has done for you all year with the perfect gift from Avroy Shlain, suitable for every budget.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!


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