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Top Nine Valentine’s Day gifts that she’s guaranteed to love

Let’s face it! Valentine’s Day gift shopping is tough. We want your gift to speak for itself, showing the amount of effort you put into it and how much you appreciate and cherish her True Beauty, both inside and out. There is no one-gift-fits-all for every female personality out there. So, we’re taking out the guess work and presenting you with the top nine perfect gifts for you to choose from, with ideas that cover a little bit of everything!


1. Update your Facebook status from “Friend” to “In A Relationship”

You really like her and want to be more than friends. You need to give her the gift she cannot ignore. Show her, by buying her Pink Diamond EDP. This perfume’s romantic floral notes are guaranteed to turn up the romance factor and leave no doubt that you’re a man with taste, who knows how to show an appreciation for the finer things.

Top Valentine's Gifts - Pink Diamond


2. Is she a SELFIE QUEEN?

She takes great pride in her appearance. She’s confident, loves being in control and of course, cannot go the day without snapping a selfie and sharing her look with the world. Help her show off her gorgeous look with the Colorfun range of lipsticks, nail gels and eyeshadows in colours that pop, from as little as R39. Being the month of love, you can also pick up the gorgeous heart-shaped Colorfun bag when you spend R99 or more across the range.

Top Valentine's Gifts - Lipstick Top Valentine's Gifts - eyeshadow sticks Top Valentine's Gifts - nail enamel Top Valentine's Gifts - Mascara


3. You Just Can’t Keep Your Hands Off Each Other!

If you want to reap the rewards of passionate intensity, you’ll hit the mark with Coppélia Intense EDP for her. Double the passion and make sure she’ll always find you compelling and desirable with the matching Eau de Toilette for yourself and feel the intense connection. Did I mention both are on sale in February for only R329 per fragrance? You can save up to R200!

Top Valentine's Gifts - Coppelia Intense


4. Is she the COMMITTED type?

Time is what any committed couple loves to spend together and wishes they had more of. So what better gift to get her than something that will bring you together for longer. Spoil her with the Body Essence luxurious body scrub and soak from Avroy Shlain. Run her a romantic, candlelit bubble bath on Valentine’s Day and let the pampering begin. And to show her you want to spend the rest of all time with her, add the Black Diamond Premium Noir Watch, which you can get for just R199 in the month of love.

Top Valentine's Gifts - Body Essence Argan oil


5. She’s FLIRTING with you

You’ve seen her, smiling at you from across the room. You know it’s “that” kind of smile – the sort that’s reserved for the object of her affections. There’s no better way to return her interest, than with the new flirtatious fragrance that’s sweeping ladies off their feet. The Redd Pulse EDP and luxury hand and body lotion will tell her you want to get closer. For only R299, this package is set to get both your pulses racing.

Top Valentine's Gifts - Redd Pulse


6. Umm, It’s Complicated…

Perhaps you haven’t really defined your relationship, but you value it and want to show her that you appreciate her for who she is and how she makes you feel. The Pink Diamond Valentine’s Deal is the perfect gift to get you brownie points. Keep it sweet and simple – all 5 products are yours for only R249.

Top Valentine's Gifts - Pink Diamond


7. You want her to NOTICE YOU

You really want to grab her attention! You need to be a smooth operator and make her fix her eyes on you. Start the conversation with a gift – the original Isara EDP for only R189 and top it off with a playful greeting card. We think that’s a worthwhile investment that will keep you in her thoughts.

Top Valentine's Gifts - Isara


8. My girlfriend’s a SPORTY TOM-BOY

She doesn’t take to lipstick and fluffy teddy bears, so rather get her a practical gift she’ll love, that reflects her sporty, energised personality. The Avroy Pure Sport range with roll-on, body spray and body lotion is guaranteed to keep her fresh and loving.

Top Valentine's Gifts - Pure Body Lotion


9. The ONE you wanna bring home to Mama

She’s truly special and deserves the best, after all you want to put a ring on it. The best-selling Coppélia Bronzer Compact and Foundation will let her glow like the goddess she truly is, giving her the confidence to face anyone – even mom!

Top Valentine's Gifts Loose Powders



So there you have it, our top nine gifts for Valentine’s Day 2018. Still not convinced? Browse the Avroy Shlain brochure to see what else your heart desires. Then follow this link to contact a beauty advisor to order the gifts your love deserves. Remember, it’s the thought that counts – so give her the gift that shows you were thinking of her.



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