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Welcome, Miss Coppélia

This month, we welcome a new scent – based on Coppélia, our number 1 fragrance – to Avroy Shlain’s extensive and tempting range of quality fragrances.

A modern reimagining of one of our most exotic and iconic scents, Miss Coppélia breathes new life into the sophistication and elegance already long-associated with the Coppélia range. Developed to reflect the dynamic fearlessness of the inspirational modern woman, Miss Coppélia will make the perfect gift for the young and vibrant glamour girl who confidently faces every day draped in tailored layers of style and class.

Celebrating The Fragrance Launch In Style

We predict that, much like the rest of the range, Miss Coppélia will fast become a favourite fragrance of our customers. And because you mean so much to us, we’re marking the launch with one of the great deals that Avroy Shlain is known for.

This means that, for this month only, if you purchase the Miss Coppélia Eau de Parfum,you will get a free watch and save R279!

The Iconic Coppélia Beauty Range

On top of being a variant of our number 1 scent, Miss Coppélia will be joining an iconic range of products, from eyeliners to perfumes, that have been enhancing and projecting the inner beauty of Avroy Shlain’s customers for many years. This best-selling line offers abundant opportunities for combining complementary products to create the complete aesthetic that truly shines your inner light out for all the world to see.

Be it nails, face, lips or lashes, browse the Coppélia Colour cosmetics range and you’ll find what you need to let your True Beauty Shine.

Invite Miss Coppélia Into Your World

Launched with our April brochure, Miss Coppélia is available for purchase right now! So, don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of the promotional special before time runs out! Contact one of our Beauty Advisors, and place your order today!



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