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Welcoming Zola Nombona To The Avroy Shlain Family!

Say hello to Avroy Shlain’s new brand ambassador, Zola Nombona.

Between her broad, nationwide appeal; her absolute comfort in her own skin; the easy way she balances the traditions of her heritage against the demands of modernity; and, of course, her jaw-dropping natural beauty, Zola is a woman who truly personifies what we mean when we talk about being Beautifully African.

Gorgeous inside and out, Zola does nothing in half-measures, and we are beyond excited to welcome this exceptionally talented star to the family. We just know that, because of the passionate and Beautifully African woman she is, she is going to throw herself wholeheartedly into this new role.

Well-known for winning over the hearts of South Africans ever since she debuted as the streetwise teenager Shado in the popular SABC 1 drama Intersexions, Zola’s bubbly personality, natural beauty and infectious confidence promise to make her a great fit with the brand.

A born performer, Zola displayed her flair for performance from a young age.

In her own words, “I fell in love with acting before high school. I loved performing while I was in primary school. I was part of performance groups in my street where we would practice to perform for graduation ceremonies in our community.”

This passion for performance would stay with Zola and, while attending Victoria Girls High School, compelled her to pursue the study of drama that would eventual catapult her into the South Africa limelight.

The warmth of her welcome to the South African stage pays testament to the natural grace and easy confidence that make Zola an inspiration to millions of South African women.

From her first role in Intersexions to her most recent on-screen performance in the high-stakes television drama, Lockdown, Zola has grown from strength to strength, cementing herself as one of South Africa’s premier personalities.

Most recently, she made waves on social media by posting ‘no-prep’ selfies on Instagram; appearing without make-up much to the delight of her loyal followers. It’s this kind of authenticity and confidence in a beauty deeper than skin that makes Zola the perfect choice to communicate Avroy Shlain’s message of being Beautifully African.

What Zola Represents For Avroy Shlain

For Avroy Shlain, Zola Nombona’s glowing beauty, her resolute spirit, and her ability to completely believe in herself and the path she has chosen her life to take, makes her a perfect fit for the brand’s inclusive message of self-belief. It is our sincere hope that Zola’s accomplishments and positive attitude will encourage and inspire our clients and our beauty agents to aim higher, to love themselves, and to always, always believe in their own beauty and success.


But don’t just take our word for it, hear what Zola herself has to say about what being Beautifully African means to her


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