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Merry Christmas and Thank You, Dear Customer

4 Thoughts to inspire your gift-giving this year

We’ve been teasing since October, but it’s finally that time of the year again. Time to send the season’s greetings; to wrap pressies, fill stockings, and spread festive feelings to all the precious people who fill our lives with love throughout the year.

For us at Avroy Shlain, that means you. And so, we’d like to thank you for a wonderful 2018 with a final gift to close out a great year.

With up to 65% off, our December Brochure is a Christmas stocking filled with gifting ideas, massive savings and, all-in-all, great fun for everyone!

So, if you’ve got some last-minute gift-buying to do, skip the hustle of the malls over Christmas and unwrap Avroy Shlain’s bounty of beauty and personal pampering products from the comfort of your own home.

Step 1: Save the following number on your phone as “Avroy Shlain”: +27 66 110 7501

Step 2: Go to your WhatsApp and start a chat with Avroy Shlain. Say, “Hi”

Step 3: Interact with the Bot to receive the latest Brochure, to Join, or to Buy from an agent near you.

And, since we know that gift-giving inspiration can run dry at the worst of times, we’ve offered you some thought-prodders below to help as you wrestle with those last-minute purchases.

Gift-giving ideas

  1. It’s a Sunny Christmas

While the Christmas tales we see on television and in the movies are often windy, cold and covered in snow, the ones outside our own front doors are far from it. Our Christmas is sunny and summery, and we like it that way. We’re more honeysuckle and jasmine than mistletoe and pine as we enjoy our African Christmas.

With that said, consider gifts or even a holiday theme that represent reality. Think warm thoughts and let them inspire the gifts you give this year.

Beauty And Cosmetics Christmas - Redd For Him

Citrusy with a touch of spice, Redd® Summer’s feminine, sun-loving scent is a perfect match to the balmy mood of an African Christmas. The warm caress of an amber, musk and vanilla base is complemented by citrus notes of tangerine, lemon and orange; and spicy heart notes of pink peppercorn and rose.

If the woman in your life is both sultry and sunny, gift her the fragrance that speaks to her innate desirability; save 50% on Redd® Summer4 – only R189 this Christmas.

  1. He already has everything

Let’s be honest for a moment: men can be difficult to buy for. They can be a daunting Christmas challenge.

So, consider thinking out of the box a bit.  A signature fragrance –whose scent matches the man in your life – is a good idea for a memorable present. With a quality fragrance, he will leave an impression wherever he goes and will be inspired to confidence by the scented statement that he leaves in his wake.

With green and spicy top notes, underpinned by an untameable heart of cedarwood, vetiver and the seductive hint of jasmine, Bold Blue®5 is the perfect fragrance with which to greet a new year of new expectations.

Save 55% this Christmas, and get Bold Blue® for only R199.

Beauty And Cosmetics Christmas - Bold Blue Eau de Toilette

  1. New Year’s renewal

The festive season is a time to let the worries of the world fall from your shoulders; to rest, relax, and then awaken, refreshed in the light of a new year. This is so necessary because, for many of us, a new year is an opportunity for change, for new resolutions, and fresh directions in life.

So, this Christmas, consider gifts that support and inspire this theme of new beginnings.

Like a warm breeze blowing on a sun-kissed ocean, Awakenings® is the perfect scent to complement rebirth into a new year. Its fresh, fruity notes, and lavender heart are a constant, carefree reminder that new beginnings await around every corner.

The Awakenings®6 Eau de Toilette is available at over 55% off – only R199 this Christmas.

  1. Make every season a pampering season

Some gifts are less about extravagance, per se, and more about introducing your loved one to essential luxuries that they may simply have never considered purchasing for themselves. Everyone needs a regular pampering and – since we can’t get the daily trips to the spa that we know we all deserve – there are little luxuries that can make every day a little better, a little fresher.

This festive season, consider giving someone you care about more than a gift, but a lifestyle choice that can reward them all year round.

Beauty And Cosmetics Christmas - nourishing tissue oil

Suitable for all skin types, Body Essence® Nourishing Tissue Oil is a luxurious supplement to even the most extensive daily body care routine. Its pampering blend of both fragrant and nourishing ingredients combines to restore your skin’s barrier, ensuring hydration and promoting elasticity.

Best of all, you can indulge yourself as well – buy one Body Essence® Nourishing Tissue Oil for R239 and get a second one absolutely free.

Enjoy the Holidays

No matter the gifts you give or get, always remember that the festive season is an opportunity to enjoy the company of the ones you love and to spread as much joy as you can.

In that spirit, we hope that your Christmas is even better than you expect, that your holidays offer all the refreshing downtime you need, and that we will see you all again, bright-eyed, bushy tailed and ready to let your True Beauty Shine in the New Year!

If we can make your holidays better, an agent in your area is waiting to help.

Otherwise, from Avroy Shlain, Happy Holidays and don’t forget to add the Avroy Shlain chatbot to your WhatsApp contact, save the number on your phone as Avroy Shlain: +27 66 110 7501



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